I have had the privilege of watching Fouzia perform on several occasions. Her flawless command over language and her mesmerizing style of story telling is matched with a rich repertoire of stories, each throwing light on the varied aspects of life in contemporary India. As India's first female dastango she has not only paved the way for other women story tellers but has also brought to dastangoi a distinct feminine sensibility. I wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.
Saba Dewan, Film Maker

Fouzia the Dastango or Fouzia Dastango is wonderful and incredible artist . She has brought in the change in the Cultural Scene with her evolved style in old story telling. She is the first woman to get into this ancient Art. THE ART OF STORY TELLING Best part is she wants to popularise the real accent of Dilliwala. I feel she has opened a wonderful arena for lots of artist and youngsters to take this art as their profession. What is so wonderful about her, is, her awareness alertness and cheerfulness, What makes Fouzia Straight Clear and Simple in her approach. This is what her personality all about. I wish her great success.
Ustad F. wasifuddin Dagar (Padma Shri), Renowned Dhrupad Singer

Every time a woman steps into a male dominated sphere, she faces challenges and has to prove her potential and capabilities. When she enters with an elan and carves a niche for herself, she becomes exemplary and inspirational. Fauzia Dastango is one such woman, who has proved to the world that with hard work, dedication and focus, anything is possible. Today, she is amongst the finest Dastangos of our country and carrying forward this tradional genre with finess and confidence. She is an inspiration to many aspiring women , who want to step into this field. Today Fauzia Dastango is a name to reckon with. I am extremely proud of her achievements and honoured to have shared stage with her a few times. I look forward to many more collaborative projects. I wish her all the success, fulfilment and happiness for her future endeavours. Fauzia Dastango, sky is the limit...
Dr. Radhika Chopra, Ghazal Singer & Composer

Fauzia's is brave young voice that has stormed the centuries-old male bastion of Dastangoi. Being a woman and an instinctive communicator she creates glittering, vibrant bridges across cultures, languages and literary traditions . I have watched her growth as a performer over the past several years and noted the scope and variety of her concerns. I have also noted the passion and dedication she brings to each and every performance be it in someone's living room or in a large auditorium. Nothing is too small or too big for Fauzia and that, I believe, is the hallmark of a true artist.
Dr Rakhshanda Jalil, Writer, Translator, Literary Historian

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